How An 85 Year Old Chemist Cured His Cancer Three Times In His Life Without Chemotherapy. Special Interview Episode Part 1/2

This amazing 85 year old chemist named Nick actually CURED himself of Cancer 3 Times in his life without Chemo!

His story and insight is amazing and it's a must-hear interview. This guy is the sharpest 85 year old I've ever met in my life. He has several books on Amazon, he's a health coach, and he just moved across the country to live with a new girlfriend.

Upon first hearing his story three years ago, I was truly amazed and it inspired me to further my own research into alternative treatments for cancer.

According to Nick and many Doctors of alternative medicine, it doesn't matter whether it's lung cancer, bone cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer, cervical cancer etc: these preventative and healing techniques can work for all types.


In part 1 of this episode, we discuss many topics including Nick's first round with cancer, toxins in our food that cause cancer, sugar, natural sugar alternatives, inflammation, alkaline foods, body ph, soda, sugar addiction. canola oil, and how many people out there don't take the time to research this for themselves.

Nick's lasting point in part 1 of this interview was that "You must be your own Janitor and clean up the mess you made."

This is a must hear interview for anyone struggling with cancer or anyone with loved ones struggling with cancer.

For more information on alternative cancer treatments, the best two sources I have found is and

Check out this new episode!


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